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Chinese Radio Talk Show: Plan for Your Online Store
on SF Bay Area FM 92.3,, 8/23/2011, 7pm, Outlines:

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Planning for your online retailing store

Critical issues:

  • Developer should be carefully chosen.  They will not just create a website for you, they should be able to help you keep growing your business, market your products.
  • Choose a right Domain name
    • for easy searching (Human and machine)
    • for easy remember (Human)
    • highlight your products (against your competitors)
  • Prepare all your product intro text,  images, options, and understand the shipping and handling cost.
  • Payment: which type of payment would you plan to receive.  What’s the cost of using a payment methods.  What need to be set up when taking Credit Card payment from your shopper.
  • Shipping: which carrier do you think is most cost-effect when shipping the products of your store.  Considering Real-time calculation?  Flat rate? charge by sub-total? charge by weight?
  • SSL: Why do I need it. What is required when apply for SSL. Where I can get it?
  • Shopping cart conversion funnel, set a Google Analytics to track the performance of your online store from start to end.
  • Product marketing, built-in search engine friendly factors for organic online marketing

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