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Chinese Radio Talk Show: Bring Your Business Online: The Initial Assessment

on SF Bay Area FM 92.3,, 8/23/2011, 7pm

Play Bring Your Business Online: The Initial Assessment


Bring Your Business Online: The Initial Assessment Checklist

1. what is your position
— brand awareness marketing
— online brochure
— item for sale
— online service
—–> which type of website you should built

2. what is your offline status
— newly established business
— over 5 years experience in the industry
——-> do you aware of what /who are you competing with?

3. Scale and Budget
— what is your online plan in term of scale
— what is your budget plan
—–> be practical

4. Are your computer, internet literacy?
— My Son/Daughter take care of the online searching and fill online form for me
— Check my email only when friend told me to check it
— write and read emails many times a day
— shopping online from time to time
— eat, sleep, travel, shop,… everything online
——> Do-it-yourself, Staffing, or fully outsourced

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