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Chinese Radio Talk Show: Internet Marketing for your Business, overview

Play Internet Marketing for your Business
on SF Bay Area FM 92.3, , 08/16/2011,

Internet Marketing for your Business, overview

1. Do I need a website/blogger/Facebook?
How they can help w/ my business?

a real case case: badminton store
— shopper limited to local market
— spend high cost to market over the nationwide magazine or convention
— spent extra cost for storage
— set up an online store by DCS on year of 2002
— present brochure-like detail to all internet shopper
— open direct support channel (email, online form,..) to your
shopper with minimum cost
— they sold out in 4 month. re-stock for any 1/2 container after 6 month later

2. What is the difference among website/blogger/facebook?

Blogger — a personal chronicle log that you like to share your
feeling and experience with other (Essay, Travel, Food, photography,

Facebook — personal relationship permission-based marketing. Take
time, no pushing, not dominated. get your brand (name) out. earn
their trust. and finally convert to business.

Website – open to anyone has internet access. could be any contents
and online feature. Consistent and Continuous effort is demanded when
you expect any Return over investment.

3. How do I get started? (learn (by listen to this program), or hire someone)

don’t forget, there are already 270 million websites on 2010. How to
help people find your website when you begin to build your website is

Google is promoting heavily on what is a “High-quality website” idea.
We will look at it one by one along this program.

If you already have a website
— how to self-diagnose your existing website

if you do not have any internet exposure so far
— how to begin with, the strategy, the platform, the feature

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