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DCS is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a multilingual team, capable of offering website designs in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Consumers prefer to receive product and service information in the language with which they are familiar. Amid a diverse business community, DCS has answered this market demand appropriately in the past few years. Your website can be based on English and supplemented with other languages. Or it can be based on a non-English language, supplemented with English. Our multilingual clients include charity foundations, colleges, stock trading websites, and online stores.
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DCS provides these unique features to all multilingual websites:
  • Direct links to translated pages. Readers do not need to return to the homepage to restart the browsing process. Clicking on an available language button immediately forwards them to the corresponding page.
  • All contents are translated by domain professionals, not by an auto-translating program. There will be no misleading message on your official website.
  • DCS provides training to the multilingual editors in your organization. Well-trained editors can take full control of the content updates and growth of the website.
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DCS 網絡數位創意設計公司,位處於舊金山灣區(SF Bay Area),具備多種語言人才,能為您提供英文、中文、韓文、西班牙語、以及越南文網絡設計服務。美國乃是多元文化,多族裔的國度。無論從開拓品牌知名度,或詳細介紹產品與服務,消費品都偏好以自己熟悉的母語來溝通。為此,本公司應客戶要求,已經完成十餘個雙語或多語文網站。綜觀所有完成的專案,有的是以中文網站設計為主,附加少量英文頁面,另外,多數都以英文網頁為最完整的官方資料,再加中文網頁、韓文網頁、與西文網頁等。
  • 讀者在閱讀本公司所開發之多語頁面,每逢需要切換語言選擇時,無須總是回到網站首頁,只要點擊頁面上的其它語言選擇按鍵,便可立即到達不同語言可是內容相同的頁面。
  • 所有各語言的內容都是專業水平的翻譯內容,我們不採用語言翻譯自動化程式,是為了避免在客戶的官方網站上因為自動化程式所產生的錯誤、及其相關的責任問題。
  • 我們會對多語言的編輯人員,提供教育訓練。日後內容的更新與增加,可完全由編輯人員承擔。
歡迎來電(408) 929-4888,或網上洽談
Client/ Website English Website Chinese website
Korean website
한국어 웹사이트
in other languages
(Spanish, Vietnamese)
Five Branches University Yes (primary) Yes Yes
White Pacific Securities Yes (primary) Yes Yes (primary) Yes
Online Traffic School Yes Yes (Traditional & Simplified) Yes
Dynamic Foundation Yes Yes Yes (primary) Yes Yes Yes (primary) Yes Yes
Vitamore USA Yes Yes

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