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DCS designed online store based on x-cart ecommerce cart system  to many of our customers.  We provide training and continuous support to clients thru. service plan.

X-cart is an all-in-one online store solution.  It covers product introduction, cart, shipping, tax, payment,  order & customer management,…  It’s pretty difficulty to ask x-cart users to remember all features and operation in a few training session.  Here comes a convenience  idea: We have collect all x-cart user instructional video from YouTube in this page.  These video are created by independent developers in USA, or Qualiteam, the X-cart developer.  All the copyright and credit goes to these contributors.

You may select the interested topic and click on the links.  To get the best viewing quality, please make sure that you are watch YouTube video at 720p or at least 480p, also Full-screen mode.  See the following image for the adjustment on the video control bar. High Quality Video:

Part 1: Quick Summary
Video created by independent developers in USA with English narration

How-To: X-Cart – Part 1 (English narration)
— Gernal knowledge for Store owners regarding users, categories, item, homepage featued, manufacturer, orders, Newsletter, Statistics, Shipping, Tax, Destination Zone, Product Rating, Country & States, Gift Certificates
High Quality Video:

How-To: X-Cart – Part 3  (English narration)
— Advanced knowledge for Store owners
Search for Product, Modify products in batch, Shipping Markup, Discount, Coupon,
High Quality Video:

How-To: X-Cart – Part 2 A  (English narration)
— Knowledge for Webmasters
Admin Summary, database backup, Membership levels, Credit Card Type, titles, Templates, Webmaster Mode, Files, General Settings, Language, Modules,

Part 2: Detail Description of each individual features

X-Cart Product Management Walkthrough

X-Cart Categories Walkthough

X-cart Generate Product Thumbnail Images

X-cart Orders Processing Walkthrough

X-cart Users Management Walkthrough

X-cart Product with Options or Variants walkthrough

Adding Coupons for X-CART

Create a Special Offer in X-Cart


X-cart user instruction with background music
Video Created by Qualiteam (the X-cart developer)

X-Cart v4.4. Product Catalog. part 1

X-Cart v4.4.x. Product Catalog part 2

X-Cart v4.4. Customers experience. Part 1

Merchandising and Inventory management in X-Cart v4.4

X-Cart v4.4. Customers experience. Part 2

X-Cart administration back-end features overview

Orders management in X-Cart v4.4

X-Cart v4.4 Tax system overview

What’s new in X-Cart v4.4

Users management in X-Cart v4.4

How to make a product with options/variants in X-Cart v4.4.x

X-Cart v4.4.x Real-time shipping calculation

Custom-defined shipping estimation in X-Cart v4.4

How to offer free shipping in X-Cart v4.4.x

Customers Memberships and Wholesale pricing in X-Cart v4.4

Statistics in X-Cart v4.4.x