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Industrial suppliers online stores have a special need. Their products are offered in a single picture, but each item varies in size, material, or functional specification.  Helping online shoppers locate your store and the page that displays the closest match to their search is a big challenge. Indeed, improved SEO is essential for automobile industries and companies selling after-market parts, machine parts, manufactural supplies, and safety signs online. DCS has the answer.

Your online store sells items with similar looks but different details, and their differences can be described in fixed patterns. Say your store also has a long list of stock items with similar needs. DCS has come up with a new approach and recently delivered a case of this nature. As evidenced by traffic reports and online sales, we think our approach is noteworthy.

Google search:  You will get  6,420 results. Within 1 to 2 month after the new Safety Sign department been introduced online, online shopper google for ANSI, OSHA, or bilingual safety signs, they should always see the item listings from WeNeedSigns on the 1st page of search results.

Similar demands are found in automobile after-market parts and accessories. Most of these parts have only one look, but there are minor differences for different years and models.

Also, many industrial suppliers have similar needs. Their products all look the same in picture, but each item varies by size, material, or functional specification. In our case, the client is providing Safety Signs in the store. Any Safety Sign Face, i.e. icon + text message (eg. Danger: High Voltage) needs 16 types of size and material combination. If the store carries 500+ safety sign faces, its stock item could easily goes up to 8,000 items.

Many stores use the X-cart option and the variant feature to answer the above needs. DCS has different approaches to this issue. Here is why:
1) The X-cart user manual, in the variant section, tells you that heavily reliance on the variant feature in your online store dramatically impacts and slows down server performance. As we have about, 500 sets of products, use of the variant option would be inefficient.

2) Considering search engine optimization (SEO). The closer the match the greater the chance and specific search will be found. That is, when we use the product title “Danger – High Voltage , Safety Aluminum Sign, 08″ x 12″”, the product has a much higher chance to be directly located than if it were named “Danger – High Voltage Safety Sign.”

3) To support this SEO design, DCS has developed a mass item production and management tool.  With A few simply clicks, store managers can generate hundreds of products, and afterward, adjust hundreds of product prices based on changes in materials and other details of the product.  It is an efficient tool in handling mass quantities of products.
Feel free to call Alex Hu for a special SEO design that catering your need.
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