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Solve360 CRM help you manage your client interactions and keep everyone coordinated

Headsup : DCS supports Five Branches University in implementing the web-based CRM of its Prospective Student Recruiting function in all departments. Even though FBU is a school, its demand equals that of any business organization.

Key Features:

  • Easy steps in converting thousands of pre-existing customer profiles to this online services
  • Customer profile can be access or updated by all or specified departments or staffs
  • Built-in Automated follow-up: you could pre-program a series of actives and let the program run by itself over the Leads nurturing process.
  • Fully integrated with your organization's Google apps-based email.  You see all email communication with a customer on the same page of this customer's profile
  • Group email blasting for up to 200 recipients in one send out.
  • Ready to use on your iPhone™, Droid™ or Blackberry to manage all your customer info and event calendar
  • Terrific tech support team.  They answer what you need, don't up-sell what you don't really need.

Are you interested, contact us for a demo.  (408) 929-4888

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