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DCS Online Canvas: Get Personal with Your Shoppers & Their Orders

Headsup : DCS introduces the turnkey solution for online stores selling personalized items.  The design tool: Online Canvas. Online Canvas gives the power of design and expression to any shopper.  Online Canvas can be quickly implemented on online stores of printings, signs, apparel, awards, buttons, key chains, mugs, and any personal gift or collectible item.

Key Features:

  • A borderless design Space.  The limit is the width and resolution of your screen.  i.e. your full screen space is your Canvas.
  • Scale, stretch, flip, rotate, or move any design object ( e.g. TEXT, CLIPART, IMAGE) without searching for tools or buttons.
  • Save the design history, and compare them before you check out
  • Save & Share the design with just an email.  You or your partners may continue to work from where was left
  • Ready to be integrated with most of online stores

Are you interested, contact us for a demo.  (408) 929-4888

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