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One of DCS client asked for the automatic process of forwarding all x-cart store orders from their online Stores to QuickBooks(QB) server.  The client has an ambitious idea of making all sales go through x-cart order system.  A Point of Sales system is installed and allows store staff in key-in orders from fax , phone calls, and walk-in customers to x-cart order system.  Main purpose of converging is to consolidate a customer’s shopping history and offer convenience in future re-order process.

There is a bridging software that converts the x-cart orders to QB invoices. The bridging software also claims to automatic these process
* importing the x-cart shopper to QB customer
* importing the x-cart items (existing or new) to QB items
* importing paid orders become the invoice & payment in QB
* importing term-paid orders to QB by invoice only

The implementation process took much longer than expected.  Well, consider it’s an experience learned.  The time is not wasted.  Here is a few points to share with my audience.

  1. QuickBooks calculates the tax within itself, not by importing.  Over the process, we must make sure 1) if the item is taxable, 2) tax rate must be 100% matching in between the x-cart store, your QB.
  2. You can choose re-calculate the shipping charge again in QB.  But, in this case, just imported the value been forwarded by x-cart.
  3. Discounts, certificates, coupons, handling fee, etc… these non-product, non-taxable items need special cares.
  4. X-cart’s order status classification is designed for online retailing purpose. When your business involves lots of term deal (paid after delivery), this automatic process may not be a good choice.  One example is the Q status in X-cart, means the payment check may delay a few days.  This account payable situation becomes an issue when run the real-time polling process.
  5. There isn’t quick solution for all store yet.  There are too many variation store by store.  The QB integration vendors have to base on your setting and requirement to adjust their software.  Because there are too many patch works,  we ended up deeply depends on the vendor support.  Buy the additional support plan is an necessity.

Conclusion, the automation is sound and good as long as your business is

* mainly force on retailing,
* one or more than one web store, and
* a certain order cam from fax, telephone, and walk-in