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You want your store visitors checking out items with their credit card in your online store comfortably. Your store need the SSL certificate. Your store visitors will see a small lock icon when they checking out. The purpose of using the SSL is to encrypt the credit card info transmitting in between the shoppers’ browser and the web server, and to the payment gateway.

For detail info, please refer to

DCS is a Comodo SSL reseller. Here is required procedure.

1) Check for available subscription term and cost

Example: to order the next 3 yr of SSL
your cost is
$83 x 3 yr SSL + DCS fixed labor charge)

2) DCS invoice client for total fee

3) Collect exactly business info of the domain owner
if this is a renew, make sure its the same as last time
* Business name
* Department
* Address
* City
* State
* zip code
* Contact email address

the above info must matching the public WHOIS info.

4) Generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from Hosting company (i.e., or any)

5) DCS submit the business info and CSR to Comodo
if this is a renew, the domain’s username and password with Comodo is required.

6) Comodo will email to contact email address.

7) Comodo will alert DCS for authorization

8) Comodo will email domain owner and ask for validation documentation:
your Article of Incorporation, Business License, OR a phone bill with your address and business name on it is fine
Scan & Email:
Fax #: +1 866 831 5837 (US and Canada)

9) Comodo will issue the SSL to contact email account

10) DCS install the SSL certificate and CA chain to domain

11) New SSL certificate will take effect after midnight server rebooting session.

12) Turn http to https for transaction test. Identify the new certificate’s starting and expiration date.