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Refer to the updated rate list posted at (California) State Board of Equalization website.
Please click on this link:

And, a documentation posted at UCLA school site

I have posted the updates files for X-cart store. You are welcome to download it form our online demo store.

Please visit this page and download both the Tax Rates and the Destination Zone file.   when you are importing these file, you should start with the Destination Zone file, and Tax Rate file as 2nd step.

In case you either change your mind, or experience any trouble when upload these files, Please back up your existing destination file and tax rates file by (export) first.

DCS does not has any problem when importing the files and use the updated rate in this demo store.  Still, it’s SOLELY AT YOUR RISK AND AT YOUR DISCRETION. DCS DOES NOT accept any liability for your use of the files.

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