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DCS supports Five Branches University in implementing a web-based CRM of its Prospective Student Recruiting function in all departments. Even though FBU is a school, its demand equals that of any business organization.

We have identified the project objectives:

  • Integrated Prospective Info Depot
  • Improved Leads qualification
  • Faster Response times
  • Traceable prospective activity
  • Email reminders for due activities

For this project, we converted thousands of legacy records from many local computers to a cloud-based storage. Also, we facilitated an accurate, scheduled response process that allows all inquiries to respond by the  next work day. Lastly, we offered a series of training videos that explain and demonstrate CRM–how to process customer leads and develop valuable, long-term relationships with them.

Major Steps:

Step 1: A staging site converts prospective leads of all origins to the standard CONTACT format (Lead Card in CRM)

Prospectives students come from a variety of resources: website inquiry forms, office visits/calls, campus tours,  emails to advisors, referrals from vendors, and school events/seminar participation.

Step 2: We define schedules and resources to process the inquiries timely and accurately

Step 3:  Daily email alerts announce:

  • Prospective assignments to each department
  • Updates in contact information and changes in status and activity.
  • Marketing campaign activities and events

Step 4:  Marketing departments and individual academic departments process their personal and automated follow-up processes (Leads nurturing).

Step 5: All staff members learn their roles through a series of video tutorials