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By April 2009, we have launched Online Learning program for our client: Five Branches University.

You may check the Online Video Class Demo at
FREE Class link.

here is noteworthy features in this project:

1. Membership registration:
Students enrolled to Ph.d program may apply for membership. The registration process started by student themselves first. And, the Program Director authorizes the permission on the web.

2. Member Access:
Control the level of exposure of contents.
The visitors:
— see the Demo Classes full contents (title + video + description)
Visitors see the titles only of
— Class structure in table of contents page,
— The most updated class titles on homepage,
— Content titles in search results

— Access to full contents, which is a few hundred hours of class archived.

3. Streaming Video
People used to visit the YouTube will ask for Streaming Video as a basic request. By definition, Streaming video starts to play immediately, and download the content while watching it.

The School Class may last for 8 hr to 12 hr for a topic. There is FLV player embedded in the content page. It is ready to play just a single video clip (1 hr or 2 hr), as well as, 12 hr program in a series of 1 to 2 hr video clips.

4. RSS feed
Since there is no sure about the lead time between class schedule to the video clip online date. The RSS data feed acts as an alert to enrolled students, and a promotional tool to prospective students. Data feed subscribers see the most updated class list in their own RSS readers. The exposed contents of RSS feed are at same level as website visitors.

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