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  • Online Store, eCommerce Websites
  • Online Product Brochure with database
  • Corporate, Organization Marketing Websites
  • Real Estate Portal Services
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(Online Store, eCommerce Websites) section
Through the X-cart eCommerce Platform, DCS has proudly delivered these full-service eCommerce stores since 2004.
In each store, DCS offered different levels of custom design to meet their individual needs and industrial compliance requirements. DCS is the developer and operations supporter to over 20 active stores all year around.

ITX Depot
Wholesale and Retail of build-to-order barebone PC computer system
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Potter Music
— Christian Music online store, revamped in late 2008. Retailing on Praise & Worship Songs, books, albums, other supplies, etc.
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MSP PowerSport Store
— Powersport motorcycle parts supplier
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— Order and design customer signs with easy steps and powerful tools.
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— Online retailing of computers, peripheral components of PC

— Product researching, manufacturing and retailing in USB, wireless and networking
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Alain Pinal Sign Store
— Real Estate Franchise Sign order and supply system (member only).

Coldwell Banker Sign Store
— Real Estate Franchise Sign order and supply system (member only).

Lite Style Electronics
Light Emitting Diode (LED) signage and lighting products
— Buy and custom-make the real estate (agent) signs of major franchises in the US.
— Glass Crescents online service portal which targets the corporate purchase market.  Offering quantity discount and convenience for repeat buyers.

LowPrice Dancewear
— Price Leader of thousands of dancewear. Features Ballroom Dance shoes, apparel, children dance shoes, ballet shoes and apparel, and accessories.
— Online Printing services portal; designed to offer online printing solutions to designer, small-scale print shop, and printing resellers.
— Automobile Wheels and Motorsport parts supplier, Carries over 2000+ choice of wheels, fitment info of 100,000+ auto makes, years and models.
— (Revamped in 2007) . This Dance shoes shopping experience is a role model in its industry.
— Barcode systems, equipments, accessories, supplies online superstore; carries 6000+ items under 5 major departments.
— Retailer of brand ballroom Dance shoes, as well as instructional CDs, DVDs and videos.

Discount Ballroom
— Features a complete line of Stephanie and Go Go brand ballroom shoes for women and men
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— Consumer Electronics Retailer. Features Audio-Video converters, Wireless receivers, and HDMI accessories.
— Health Supplement retailing and Spinal Health information portal.

Best Buy Plaza
— Yahoo! Store based Shuttlecock, Badminton Racquets, Grip Special Store. Developed on 2001.

(Online Product Brochure with database) section

Stephanie Dance Shoes
— Brand Dance Shoes Online Brochure for nationwide distribution channels. The brochure can be easily managed & updated by client’s staffs.

GoGo Dance Shoes
— Brand Dance Shoes manufacturer with an online brochure and sales window facing a nationwide regional distributor.

Golden Apple Wheels
— Manufacturer’s Online Brochure for well-known Wheel Brands: ADR, RSL, Nitro, and NEX.
— Online Wholesale Store of Real Estate Signs & Accessory supplies.
— Online brochure for nationwide marketing of a brand Optical Crystal Trophies.

(Corporate, Organization Marketing Websites) section

Five Branches University
— Marketing and study information portal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine school in San Jose and Santa Cruz, California. Visitors, students, and faculty members can access all curriculum (Master in TCM, PhD & Doctoral, & Extension programs), admission, latest announcements, student living, and accommodation info.

Results Team
— Real Estate service portal. Results Team was the World #2 RE/MAX Residential Team in Silicon Valley in 2005. Website revamped in late 2007. Featured multimedia house tour on the homepage and many intranet applications to empower agents’ remote services.

Enhance Electronics
— The USA corporate website of the 2nd largest power supply manufacturing nationwide. Features full line of product brochures, technical documents and all kinds online customer supporting tools.

Top Ocean, SFO
— Online service portal of global Cargo shipment and status tracking. TopOcean is a leading consolidation service vendor with 60+ international offices.

Catronic PCB Design
— Corporate website of High Mix-Low Volume Rigid and Flex PC Boards Manufacturer.

Dr Grace Liu Acupuncture Center
— Website introduces the “STOP SMOKING BY ACUPUNCTURE” and many other treatments by Dr. Grace Liu in Ukiah, California

Living Water Fountain
— Drinking Water Solutions of both bottle delivery and water purifier systems.

Buddhist Association of the United States
Organization website of The Buddhist Association of The U.S.

Huayen USA
— Organization website of Avatamsaka Buddhist (Huayen) Lotus Society, USA, revamped in late 2008. Featured online video, photo, book library, event and news announcement.

Wisdom Journal
— Online Periodical Magazine of Buddhist Association of the United States. Maintained and published by the Journal staff in the past 3 years. The website helped the organization reach the audiences in China and many other continents which have had distance and shipping issues before.

Berryessa Choir
— Non-profit organization website sponsored by DCS. Members share the MIDI playing and downloading for singing practice.

Michelle Han – Catwalk
— Online Video of Michelle Han – Catwalk on 2007 CCSC Annual Fundraiser.

(Real Estate Portal Services ) section

Real Estate Transaction Database
– Sales Prices and number of sales data of over 30 cities in Santa Clara, San Mateo, & Alameda Counties since 1999; presented in data tables and trend charts.

Home Price in your zipcode
— Average price and number of sales in 20+ and growing, zipcodes of South Bay and East bay of San Francisco Bay area. Featured animated trend charts and data tables since 1999.

Community Tract Database
— Detailed info of every community in North Valley, Milpitas, and Evergreen Hills. Information includes, and is not limited to, number of properties, floorplans, sales price history, community slideshows, and home virtual tours.

Silicon Valley New Home Communities
— Communities listed by Locations, Builders, and Maker employers info

Bay Area School API Reports
This is California’s way of gauging achievement in individual schools. Published by the California Department of Education; This copy focuses on API scores of San Francisco Bay Area 9 Counties.

Stagin Service
— Multimedia Animation of Staging Services offered by Results Team.

Media Center
— Latest and archived Multimedia presentations of the legendary realtor, Frank Liu.

Customer Care Center (no link)— Real Estate Customer Service Center. Manage supporting activities of all call-ins, call-outs, sales leads, and pastsellers.
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Online Learning Management System
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— Complete suite of online training services. Includes Course, Trainee, Alerting Messages, and Report Card (Certification) management
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(Past Cases) section

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— ATV motorcycle part supplier
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— Scientific /Lab supply vendor
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— Artificial Flower and Gift retailer
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