August 2011

Online Store, Radio Talkshow 8/30/2011

Chinese Radio Talk Show: Plan for Your Online Store on SF Bay Area FM 92.3,, 8/23/2011, 7pm, Outlines: [mp3t track="/wp-content/uploads/ao11/Plan_for_Your_Online_Store.mp3" volslider="y"] Planning for your…

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July 2011
June 2011

Laundry Clean Portal

When the laundry cleaner offers free picking-up and delivery to your office building, it make sense that we should begin to get your clothes clean…

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Safety Sign Online Store

Quick-prototype module to generate and manage thousands of Safety Signs items of a custom x-cart store. Search engine optimized design makes online shopper get the…

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Stock Discount Brokerage

Fueled by entrepreneurial spirit, 1DB has grown from a single office to an Independent Broker/Dealer with over 80 offices nationwide. Acquisitions of brokerage firms have…

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Vacation Bus Service

Harvest Vacation Ltd. has offered professional charter bus services to the Bay Area and the west coast since 2006. Since the establishment of the business,…

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April 2011


承接客戶網站專案十年了。什麼樣的客戶,什麼目的的網站,我與伙伴們都能按專案中的規劃與要求,逐項執行,並順利完成訓練、交接。 兩個月前,一封客戶冾詢依湄兒,它提出簡單的幾項要求,諸如双語網站、本地支援,非營利單位․․等等。順利承接之後,經過一個多月的構思、開發、與數據資料輸入,直到它上線亮相,自始至終,我都有一種難以言喻的驅動力來挑戰我自己,我應該運用整合式的網路資源,去凸顯一個遠在美國的私人機構,如何有效地投入慈善經費,到幾十個中國偏遠地區去建設希望小學,培育成千上萬貧窮孩童的知識基礎,並造就它們人生發展的可能性。 (more…)

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March 2011

Chinese Poetry Translation

Posting the translation of ancient Chinese poetry. There are multiple version of translations for famous Chinese poetry. Featured with online translation submitting form, online moderator…

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February 2011
January 2011
December 2010
November 2010
October 2010
September 2010
August 2010

Ultibuy 2010 facelift completed the 2010 facelift on August 2010. It replaced its x-cart skin and updated its main product lines. Instead of use a static image…

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HuaYenUSA 2010 adjustment

HuaYen USA completed its 2010 update by August. Homepage displays the slideshow of latest highlighted events. Introduction of HuaYenUSA: a new series of slideshow which…

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July 2010
May 2010

Berryessa Choir

博愛合唱團, 成立於 1991 年, 是一個旨在追求合唱藝術的業餘團體. 本團成員來自各界. 是音樂的魅力把這些愛好唱歌的朋友聚集在一起, 每個星期六在 Cupertino 的 Union Church 練唱.

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Huayen USA

美國加州聖荷西米爾必達市華嚴佛教會成立於 1984 年 7 月. 美國華嚴蓮社活動,在佛教傳統方面,有早晚課誦經,星期日共修會,星期六佛學講座,初一十五上供,以及一年舉辦二次特別大型法會,在社區服務方面,有中文兒童班、SAT輔導班、佛學班,中醫義診等,興趣小組方面,有插花班、手藝班等。

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Chuang Yen Monastery is a Dharma education center dedicated to presenting and explaining the different schools of Buddhism and the common core of beliefs uniting…

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Living Water Fountain

We are Local manufacture with more than 6 yrs. experience. All bottles delivered to you are freshly made within 72 hrs.We have local storefront office…

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Dr. Grace Liu Clinic

Since May 1977 more than 3,500 smokers have been treated by Dr. Liu's program, and majority of all cases completely stopped smoking. Most people stop…

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Top Ocean, SFO

The TopOcean SFO Cargo Management Information Center. Tracking the latest status of your cargo container any where on the world. your Cargo container status is…

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Server, and Storage

AMTF Corp. offers businesses large and small with quality storage and server solutions that are scalable and reliable. AMTF server, storage, and workstation solutions feature…

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Last-time-buy Components is one of the fastest growing network of computer and consumer companies that supplies to different channels of computer product consumptions. Established in 1996,…

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a leading designer and manufacturer of LED Lighting Driver or /Power Supplies ranging in output from 30W to 300W for both indoor and outdoor LED…

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Service since 1986. We have established programs in several languages for both the classroom and home study settings. It is our goal to assist those…

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Enhance & Establish your business with GoGo Dance Shoes!! Join us…. GoGo Dance Shoes, Inc. is interested in expanding its nationwide network of resellers in…

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Glass Crescents online service portal which targets the corporate purchase market. Offering quantity discount and convenience for repeat buyers.

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30 years experience in the signs industry, the best way I have ever seen to install real estate signs is with a PVC cross arm…

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Features a complete line of Stephanie and Go Go brand ballroom shoes for women and men. is a division of Encore Theatrical Supply in…

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February 2010
January 2009

TCM Medical Learning

A TCM educational site for learning Integrative Medicine based on a modern version of the master-apprentice model. It is part of a PhD research project.…

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